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50s Era Boxcar Grain Loads

50s Era Boxcar Grain Loads

Boxcars once carried most freight. Here is a simple one-evening project using a block of wood, cardstock, and sawdust to model one of the most common loads of the steam and transition eras...

Easy Trees for the Backdrop

For those with limited painting skills, applying trees to the backdrop to transition from three-dimensional to two-dimensional scenery can be daunting. With the judicious application of scissors to sponges, simple shapes may be created to allow you to stamp trees onto your backdrop....
Winter 2010 RPO, Vol 17, No 4

The Winter 2010 Issue of The RPO is Now Available Online

The Winter 2010 quarterly members newsletter of the Gateway Division NMRA, the RPO, is now available online in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format....