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Oxford Diecast HO Scale 1958 Edsel Citation

Oxford Diecast HO Scale 1958 Edsel Citation

I model the transition era of the late 1950s. It was a time of distinctive automobiles, many of which are now classics. When you see early Thunderbirds and Corvettes, classic Chevy Bel-Airs and tailfins you immediately know the era. The 1958 Edsel advertising said "Once you've seen it...
1949 Morgan Auto Sales HO Scale Diorama

Dave Roeder’s “Morgan Auto Sales 1949” HO Scale Diorama

Dave Roeder's "Morgan Auto Sales 1949" diorama won Best of Show at the 2015 Gateway Division NMRA model contest. Most of the structure details and finishes were created on an inkjet printer. Here are seven photos of that diorama....
Easy Loads for the Classic Metal Works Stake Bed Truck

3 Easy Loads for the Classic Metal Works Stake Bed Truck

Stake bed trucks have been hauling merchandise and supplies for the last 100 years. The Classic Metal Works 1946 Chevy stake bed truck is a great model for all transition-era layouts but a detailed load is needed for this truck to really set the scene....
John Carty Traction Line Truck

Building a Line Truck

Maintenance of way equipment keeps the trains running. Railroads built most such equipment by repurposing or building in their own shops. Find out how to kitbash an interesting item commonly used by streetcar lines from the teens through the fifties using a Highway Miniatures 1922 Pac...
Finishing Model Automobiles With Sharpies

Tricks for Tracks – Finishing Model Automobiles

When finishing a model automobile, Sharpies provide a translucent semi-gloss finish which nicely mimics the enamel paint used on prototype vehicles. When applied to paper used for awnings on buildings, Sharpies provide a flat water resistant color....