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Finishing Model Automobiles With Sharpies

Tricks for Tracks – Finishing Model Automobiles

When finishing a model automobile, Sharpies provide a translucent semi-gloss finish which nicely mimics the enamel paint used on prototype vehicles. When applied to paper used for awnings on buildings, Sharpies provide a flat water resistant color....
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A Brake for the Swamp Level Route

A hose level was used to create the level areas required for the layout - so I thought they were level. But my free-rolling car wheelsets found the minor variations in benchwork construction and decided to seek their own level. Nylon mono-filament fishing line to the rescue!...
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Tricks for Tracks – Painting Wheels

An easy way to paint wheels is to use the Floquil markers. Hold the wheel and twist the marker around the wheel. Hold the marker at a slight angle to avoid painting the axle points....
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Spring 2012 RPO, Vol 20, No 1

The Spring 2012 Issue of The RPO is Now Available Online

The Spring 2012 quarterly members newsletter of the Gateway Division NMRA, the RPO, is now available online in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format....
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