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Cheap Manhole Covers

More Cheap Tricks – Manhole Covers

The cap end of Faber fine Uni-Ball pens were obviously designed as an HO or S manhole cover. A new X-Acto knife will easily cut off the cover (cut flush with the lip on the side, it’s almost like they provided a cutting guide!). The photo by Richard Schumacher shows the pen, a cut off...
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More Cheap Tricks – Styrene Concrete

Making styrene look like concrete is much easier than it sounds! On my layout, the “JDS&E”, I decided to use sheet styrene for my service platforms in the engine facility. I first scored the sheet into 12 foot squares using a hobby knife. I then laid the sheet flat and block sande...
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Painting with Testors Dullcote

More Cheap Tricks – Pressure Cooker

The one thing which deters from the realism of any model railroad is shiny surfaces. The easiest way to remove that shine is to overspray the structure or rolling stock with Dullcote. I have had people tell me they don't like to use the small cans because it comes out in an uneven spr...
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Cheap Tricks – Low Cost Tips to Improve Your Railroad Modeling

Inexpensive model railroad scenery tips and tricks....
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