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Litchfield Train Group Large HO Model Railroad

photos by Richard Schumacher

The Litchfield layout depicts the ever-gentle rolling countryside of Illinois from Centralia to Chicago. The main room is set in the 50s and 60s era when steam engines were becoming extinct and the “new” diesel locomotives were gaining in popularity. The smaller room is “Chicago.” Chicago is set in the 70s and not only provides additional destinations with modern industries, you can also find a mix of old and new railroads, buildings and equipment throughout the area. In the rail yards, you’ll see railcars to service the old meatpacking plants, warehouses, factories, gravel and milling operations, as well as high-tech inter-modal, auto loading, chemical companies, and barge facilities. Operators can store hundreds of cars and stage 14 trains each 16 feet long.

In December 2009, members from the Gateway Division NMRA and the NRHS visited the layout for an operating session. These photos were taken during that event.