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Eric Brooman’s Beautiful Utah Belt HO Scale Model Railroad

photos by Eric Brooman

The Utah Belt is an expanded version of the original with a similar modern southwest theme. Set in northern New Mexico, the 165-foot mainline runs through desert and mountain scenes. A linear around-the-walls design with a central peninsula is used. The mainline connects two staging areas of six 20-foot reverse loop staging yards stacked over each other. Intermodal, unit coal trains and manifests pulled by modern EMD power keep the rails polished on this intermountain bridge route. The Utah Belt has been featured in many issues of both Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman.

  1. Mark Dinnauer

    I’ve been following your layout for many years, and I think it’s way cool! I’ve been a model railroader for over 20 years. I’m fascinated by your attention to detail and of course your modeling the ever present. I enjoy seeing modern loco’s traversing through the beautiful scenery on your layout. I do have a question though, how many cars can you typically put in a train that will fit without bottling things up? Thank you for sharing photos of your layout throughout the years.