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Jacob Libhart’s City Streetcar Model Railroad Diorama

photos by Richard Schumacher

Jacob Libhart found this model railroad diorama (in very poor condition) in an antique store in Cuba, Missouri. The layout had no engines, cars or paperwork and was not running. This 12 year old modeler completely refurbished the diorama, adding motive power, cars, new track – and rewired it to get it to run. He cleaned, re-glued and repainted parts to restore it to the beautiful scene you see here.

Jacob’s interest in model railroading started at age six, and he has been working on an N scale railroad for the last two to three years. He also modeled in HO and O scale before that. If anyone has any information concerning the history of this diorama or the original builder, please send it to the Gateway Division ( and we’ll forward that info to Jacob.

These photos were taken at the 2010 Gateway NMRA Train Show.