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A Beautiful Day for the 2015 NMRA-NRHS Train Picnic

Photos by Richard Schumacher

On Saturday, September 19, 2015 the Gateway Division NMRA and the St. Louis Chapter NRHS held their 8th Annual Train Picnic at the Wabash, Frisco and Pacific Railroad in Glencoe, Missouri. The weather was great, the steam and diesel train rides were many, the food and drinks were plentiful, and the scenery along the Meramec River was beautiful. New train friends were made. But most of all, people had fun.

This year 92 members, family members, and guests from both groups attended, along with an additional 18 WF&P crewmembers. The WF&P crew were very gracious hosts and they enjoyed having us there as much as we enjoyed being there.

This year there were 24 volunteer workers who were great in performing the many jobs at hand. Liam Aufmuth, Sam Aufmuth, Bob Blaesing, Fred Blank, Ron Gawedzinski, Bob Gibson, Bill Heger, Amanda Korte, Hank Kraichely, Gaylene and Dr. Richard LaBore, Dale Loyet, Rich Melka, Joe Obernuefemann, Rich Schumacher, Rick and Neva Sprung, Tim Stout, Jack Stroker, Rich Velten, Eileen and Al Weber, and Gail and Kelvin Wilke. (If I have accidentally left off your name please let me know so that I can correct my error – Ron).

A number of members of the Gateway Division NMRA and the St. Louis Chapter NRHS donated a large amount of attendance prizes this year. Thanks to all of you. Everyone got a chance to win something.

The Officers of the Gateway Division NMRA and the St. Louis Chapter NRHS thank the members, families and guests for their attendance, their help, and their donations that made this picnic a great success. Ron especially wants to thank the above named volunteers, for without them this event could not have been held.

Many thanks to the WF&P crew for making this event a success: Carl Aufmuth, Sam Aufmuth, William Aufmuth, John Berry, Dale Bitsch, Tom Ernst, Ian Harding, Mike Lorance, Zach Moore, Dave Neubauer, Rich Owings, Jim Scott, Dennis Smith, Mike Squires, Kyle Timmerman, Greg Wapelhorst, Chuck Weber, and Hank Welch.

Finally, this was my last year being involved with the picnic. I want to thank the many people over the past eight years who helped me make this event an annual success. Thanks for coming! Ron.

Ron Gawedzinski is the Gateway Division NMRA Outside Activity Coordinator and models the late 1940s through early 1950s Appalachian Mountains areas in HO scale. He was the past Secretary of the Gateway Division NMRA and the past Secretary and President of the St. Louis Chapter National Railway Historical Society. He is the St. Louis Chapter NRHS Outside Activity Coordinator.