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Gateway Division NMRA 1998 Annual Model and Photo Contest

1998 contest results. NMRA conventions and train show events feature a model and photo contest where entries are displayed to be viewed and enjoyed by other model railroaders and the general public. Any NMRA member may enter models and photos into these contests....
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Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Article & photo by Tom Troughton, MMR How many times have you entered a fellow model railroader’s train room to be awe struck at the magnificent layout before your eyes. There’re several hundred feet of meticulously constructed hand laid track, on tie plates even, trac...
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Bob Amsler - The Dispatcher's Desk

Dispatcher’s Desk 11

You know, sometimes the hardest thing to do is what is normal, expected, and, routine. However, this is what we should strive for when we operate our railroads. The prototype railroads do the same thing day after day and for most of the railroaders the job can seem the same. Occasiona...
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