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Atlas Master Series GP38: Easiest Decoder Install Yet – Comes Built-In!

Just remove the dynamic brake section on the top of the engine to expose the decoder. The engine is delivered set for analog (conventional DC) operation. Move the jumper plug over to configure for DCC operation. The decoder’s address is factory preconfigured to the last two digi...
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Engine Circuit Board Form Factor Decoders for Atlas and Kato Mechanisms

What are my Decoder Options? Current production Atlas and Kato HO scale engines have the standard 8-pin NMRA medium DCC plug. However, space is sometimes very tight inside these engines, limiting the decoders that will fit or requiring removal of weights (see our pages showing install...
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Starting a Wood Model Railroad Structure

Structure Magic: Starting a Wood Model Railroad Structure

Part I: The details by Phil Sheahan photos by Gary Hoover The place for a highly detailed structure is the foreground of your layout. There it can be best seen and appreciated. Keeping this in mind, you want to keep thinking “this is my masterpiece, the best I can do.” A h...
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