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David Lowell’s Scratchbuilt Best of Show Avenue Tower

David Lowell’s Scratchbuilt Best of Show Avenue Tower

David Lowell’s HO scale scratchbuilt Avenue Tower won Best of Show at the 2016 Gateway Division NMRA model contest, receiving an NMRA merit judged score of 118 points. This beautiful online structure has an equally detailed and beautiful interior....
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Tom Trotter's Steam-Powered Rustic Sawmill

Tom Trotter’s Steam-Powered Rustic Sawmill

Tom's sawmill won first place in the popular vote for on-line structures at the 2014 Gateway NMRA model contest. A number of kits and added detail parts were combined to create this highly detailed structure....
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Jeremy Janzen, 2014 Kitbash Contest First Place, Farm House

Gateway NMRA 2014 Kitbash Contest Results

The Gateway Division NMRA sponsored this contest to encourage member model building and skill improvement. Grandt Line Reese Street Row Houses kits were distributed at the June 21 Division meeting for this year's contest. Completed models were brought to the November 17 holiday party ...
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Gateway NMRA 2014 Kitbash Contest

Gateway NMRA 2014 Kitbash Contest: Kits Distributed at the June 21 Meeting

Our annual Kitbash Contest kit will be distributed, along with the contest instructions, at the Gateway Division NMRA monthly meeting on Monday, July 21, 2014 at Trinity Church. The kit is an ideal structure kit for kitbashing and is available in HO and N scales....
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Ray Jones, 1st Place, Expert

Gateway NMRA 2013 Kitbashing Contest

The “Grandt Line Reese Street Row House” kit was the starting point for the 2013 kitbashing contest. The only restriction placed on the contest model was that the base could not be more than one square foot in area. Here are photos of all the models entered in the contest, and the con...
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Kits for Annual Kitbash Contest – Gateway NMRA Meeting May 20, 2013

The next monthly meeting of the Gateway Division will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 20, 2013 at Trinity Lutheran Church in West St. Louis County. Model kits for our annual kitbash contest will be distributed to members to be returned completed for display and/or judging at the September...
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Building Fabulous Wood Structures Clinic – Gateway NMRA Meeting April 15, 2013

The next monthly meeting of the Gateway Division will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 15, 2013 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars‎ Hall in O’Fallon, Illinois. Pete Smith, MMR, will present his techniques for finishing wood structures. Pete builds and finishes absolutely fabulous wood struc...
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Wood Structure Magic

Structure Magic: Window Castings and Structure Bracing Tips

Part II: The walls and windows by Phil Sheahan photo by Gary Hoover If the window castings are metal, prime them all at once using either an airbrush or aerosol paint spray. Let the paint cure about a week and then brush paint them the chosen color. If they are plastic castings, just ...
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Starting a Wood Model Railroad Structure

Structure Magic: Starting a Wood Model Railroad Structure

Part I: The details by Phil Sheahan photos by Gary Hoover The place for a highly detailed structure is the foreground of your layout. There it can be best seen and appreciated. Keeping this in mind, you want to keep thinking “this is my masterpiece, the best I can do.” A h...
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