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St. Louis Central 2002 Begins

We’re going to be a part of the History Museum! At the May Division meeting, members approved a budget of $2,000 to build a 4’x8’ layout for a forthcoming exhibit at the History Museum in Forest Park. The exhibit, entitled “Our World in Miniature: Trains, Dollhouses and Other Miniatur...
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Impressive steel trestle on the new C&RM model railroad.

The Colorful Scenery of the C&RM Railroad

Well, are you getting “snow blind” yet from all those white rocks that you have made since my article about rock casting? Don’t you think it is about time to add some color? Adding a little color will bring the rock castings to life. The colors add shadows and highli...
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Wood Structure Magic

Structure Magic: Window Castings and Structure Bracing Tips

Part II: The walls and windows by Phil Sheahan photo by Gary Hoover If the window castings are metal, prime them all at once using either an airbrush or aerosol paint spray. Let the paint cure about a week and then brush paint them the chosen color. If they are plastic castings, just ...
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