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John Kalin’s Rio Grande Southern Sn3 Model Railroad

photos by Richard Schumacher

John Kalin’s Rio Grande Southern captures the Ridgeway to Rico route of this narrow gauge railroad at the end of the thirties. Trains start at Ridgeway/Rico (which is a double-ended hidden staging yard), and proceed to Vance Junction, Ophir, the High Line, and Lizard Head. At Vance Junction, the Telluride Branch runs to Telluride and Pandora. The run from Ophir to the High Line includes all seven trestles. The layout is 23′ x 50′ with about 225 feet of mainline track and another 150 feet on the Telluride Branch. Operations uses EASY DCC and engines equipped with SoundTraxx decoders.

These photos were taken during the home layout tour which was part of the 2010 Gateway NMRA Train Show.