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Tricks for Tracks – Super Tree Material

Keep the branch structure of super tree material free of leaves by rolling the trees in a shallow pan of glue mixture rather than dunking the entire tree. Then pour the leaf material over the tree. The exterior of the tree will hold the leaf material and the inner branch structure wil...
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With an engine to test for

Build A Small Engine House Using Containers

Using containers for the sides of a small engine house may seem a little off key, but the prototype of such a facility can be found in the yard at the R.J. Corman headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. When friend and resident of Lexington, Allan Silverberg, sent me the photographs, I k...
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Gluing Up Flat Sided Resin Kit Pieces

For gluing up flat sided resin kit side pieces use styrene cement and attach a 90 degree angle piece to one of the resin sides. The styrene glue will hold the angle top the resin side then line up the other side and do the same thing. The styrene glue will hold the pieces together so ...
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