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Gateway NMRA 2013 Kitbashing Contest

photos by Richard Schumacher

Another successful Gateway kitbashing contest has concluded and this contest really had the members thinking outside the box. There were some really terrific models built by the members, showing a lot of imagination. This year’s contest allowed for the use of additional materials – besides what came with the kit. The only restriction placed on the contest model was that the base could not be more than one square foot in area, but could be made up of any dimensions as long as the one square foot area requirement was not exceeded. The contest was divided into two categories: “Craftsman” for those modelers with a previous kitbashing contest win, and “Novice.” 1st and 2nd places prizes were awarded in both categories. First place winners received a $25 Mark Twain gift card. Second place received a $10 Mark Twain gift card.

At the May 2013 Division Meeting “Grandt Line Reese Street Row House” kits were distributed in both HO and N scale, along with the contest rules and kitbashing suggestions. The Grandt Line kit was chosen because it was offered in both HO and N scales, it was adaptable to kitbashing, and Grandt line (very kindly) offered Gateway NMRA a generous discount on the kits. A $5.00 deposit was required from the members for each kit, which would be returned when the model was submitted for the contest at the September 2013 Division meeting. It was hoped that having a returnable deposit would encourage members to return their models for the contest. Thirty-six kits were distributed in May and thirteen returned for the contest in September, so the deposit really didn’t have a big impact on the number of the contest entries.

Each modeler presented on how they conceived and constructed their model after the voting and winners announced. A hardy round of applause was given for all the contestants and their wonderful models.

Tom Conboy received first place in the “novice” category (no previous kitbashing contest win), and Bonnie Moe and Mark Schuerman tied for second place. In the “craftsman” category (previous contest winners), Ray Jones received first place with John Carty taking second.

Phil Bonzon MMR is the is the Mid-Continent Region's Vice President, and Gateway Division's AP Chair and Assistant Superintendent. He enjoys operations and models the transition era B&O, BC&G, ERC&L (HO) and WVM (HOn3) set in West Virginia. Phil is a prolific model builder and has consistently built Divisional, Regional and National contest award winning models. He is the retired President of Cupples International Inc., an international curtain wall contracting company.