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Kenneth Kroschwtz’s Amazing K-10 Model Trains Layout

photos by Don Morice

Ken Kroschwtz has a huge HO layout filling a 60×81 foot railroad room. The layout includes three major railroads (ATSF, UP & SP) that all interchange with each other, two short lines, and five major industries. The ATSF includes a 255′ double track main line and a 19 track yard. The UP and SP loops are usually combined into a 550′ single track loop and use digital command control. The UP operation includes a nine track yard, a steel mill, ore mine, and coal mine. The SP operation includes a 15 track yard, and serves a large back-in station, an ore dock, and a paper mill. The layout room has an elevated viewing area and is completely handicapped accessible. The K-10 Hobby Shop (618-288-9720) is located in the front of the same building. See