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Not to be outdone, just minutes later the BNSF local came by, west bound. Here, the two tracks run parallel, about 50 feet apart. They split in downtown Pacific (about two miles in front of this train), with BNSF (the old Frisco) going on to Springfield, and the UP (the old MoPac) proceeding to Kansas City.

Missouri Railfanning with Bill Linson

Railroad friend Hank Kraichely and I went looking for trains. Found some. The first two shots are at Dozier Crossing, about two miles east of downtown Pacific, plus two more shots in Pacific. Rounding out this collection are three more local trains I have shot the last couple of weeks...
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Rick Pfarr's Northern and Western Model Railroad

Rick Pfarr’s Northern and Western Model Railroad

Rick's 24'x13' HO scale double track folded dog-bone track plan supports two continuously running trains. Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Frisco power from 1935-1965 travel through five towns, over the prairie, and into the Rocky Mountains....
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Kenneth Kroschwtz's Amazing K-10 Model Trains Layout

Kenneth Kroschwtz’s Amazing K-10 Model Trains Layout

Ken Kroschwtz has a huge HO layout filling a 60×81 foot railroad room. The layout includes three major railroads (ATSF, UP & SP) that all interchange with each other, two short lines, and five major industries. The ATSF includes a 255' double track main line and a 19 track yard. The U...
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