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Structure lit with one Evemodel LED module

Small, Easy to Install LED Structure Lighting

LEDs are great for model building lighting, but working with and soldering individual LEDs can be tricky. Here is a very tiny (3/8-inch square) single LED module that is inexpensive, installs easily, and can be powered by any 12 volt DC power supply....
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Woodland Scenics HO Scale Dugan's Paint Store

Woodland Scenics HO Scale Dugan’s Paint Store

Woodland Scenics HO Scale Dugan's Paint Store is the latest addition to my collection of pre-assembled buildings. A warm white LED illuminates the first floor showroom featuring a nice pre-printed interior. Perfect for almost any era, the dripping paint bucket sign, architectural deta...
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Adding Simple LED Lighting to Model Buildings

Easy Model Railroad Structure LED Lighting

The beautiful Woodland Scenics J. Frank's IGA Grocery Store came with a great printed shadow-box interior, but you couldn't see it. This model called out for interior lighting, and an LED sign module makes it a 10-minute project....
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Woodland Scenics Lighted HO Scale Emilio's Italian Restaurant

Woodland Scenics Lighted HO Scale Emilio’s Italian Restaurant

Woodland Scenics Emilio’s Italian Restaurant models a family style restaurant typical of what you would see from the steam era through today. This beautiful structure is the first of their Built-&-Ready® Landmark Structures® to feature their new Just Plug™ Lighting System....
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Inexpensive White LEDs From Christmas Light Sets

Inexpensive White LEDs From Christmas Light Sets

LEDs provide a superior lighting solution over miniature bulbs. LEDs stay cool when lit and are very bright, energy efficient, and extremely reliable. Their long life and reliability are extremely important when installed in engines and buildings, where you really don't want to ever o...
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Workshop Interior, Glencoe, Missouri

Photographic Workshop Interior

Looking through your model workshop's door or window you want to see a detailed interior. One option is to print one on your color printer in the appropriate size....
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Memphis Diner Interior

Restaurant and Diner Photographic Building Interiors

Every restaurant and diner needs an interior. These classic prototypes from New Orleans and Memphis will quickly provide that "missing" interior behind your model's large front windows....
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Model Industrial Building Interior

Easy Industrial Building Interiors

Print these photos at the correct size for your buildings and place behind the windows. Placing them slightly back (maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch) from the windows will provide the bext effect....
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