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Easy Loads for the Classic Metal Works Stake Bed Truck

3 Easy Loads for the Classic Metal Works Stake Bed Truck

Stake bed trucks have been hauling merchandise and supplies for the last 100 years. The Classic Metal Works 1946 Chevy stake bed truck is a great model for all transition-era layouts but a detailed load is needed for this truck to really set the scene....
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Litchfield Train Group's HO Scale Illinois Model Railroad

Litchfield Train Group’s HO Scale Illinois Model Railroad

The Litchfield Train Group's 55'x44' HO scale layout depicts the ever-gentle rolling countryside of Illinois from Centralia to Chicago. The scenery of the main room is set in the 50s/60s-era when steam engines were becoming extinct and diesel locomotives were gaining in popularity. Th...
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Completed Steak 'n Shake Model Railroad Billboard

Build A Steak ‘n Shake Billboard For Your Model Railroad

An easy-to-make one-hour project: a Steak 'n Shake billboard of the 50s using a gift card and some plastic strips....
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John Garavaglia's Missouri Pacific Eastern Division Railroad

John Garavaglia’s Missouri Pacific Eastern Division Railroad

John Garavaglia loved the MoPac as a child and has captured it in his O scale 30'x25' layout. This layout models the Missouri Pacific from the downtown St. Louis yard to the small town of Pacific, Missouri and features the city of Kirkwood in 1955....
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Three Southeastern Box Cars

Three Southeastern Box Cars

I recently finished three Southeastern-prototype box cars for railroads represented by the ACL & SAL Historical Society—the Georgia Railroad, the Atlanta and West Point Railroad, and the Western Railway of Alabama. These railroads were occasionally referred to as “the Georgia Roads” a...
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Gene Coffman's Mound City & Western Model Railroad

Gene Coffman’s Mound City & Western Model Railroad

Gene Coffman has spent 10 years creating a layout based on his childhood experiences. His 20x30 foot HO scale Mound City & Western represents the areas around St. Louis, East St. Louis, and Rolla....
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Bob Weinman's Harbor Point & Western Railroad

Bob Weinman’s Harbor Point & Western Railroad

Bob’s HO layout uniquely combines his two hobbies, model railroading and boating. A beautiful harbor scene is the highlight of this fine layout. It is alive with activity from the fisherman straining to haul his large net on to the wharf, to an open-air seafood restaurant. Surrounding...
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Don Ayres' ATSF Los Angeles Division Model Railroad

Don Ayres’ ATSF Los Angeles Division Model Railroad

Don's HO layout, set in 1949 and featuring impressive car and engine facilities, utilizes a 17'x22' folded dog bone design to capture the beautiful mountains and scenic route east of San Bernardino....
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Bob Sanderson's Illinois Southern Model Railroad

Bob Sanderson’s Illinois Southern Model Railroad

Bob's Illinois Southern model railroad is an HO scale freelance merger of the Illinois Central and GM&O set in southern Illinois in the 1950s. The walk-in, loop-to-loop, single-track layout features a 153-foot mainline run, Digitrax DCC, and a Masonite and drywall backdrop....
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John Russell's O Scale Rock Island Lines Model Railroad

John Russell’s O Scale Rock Island Lines Model Railroad

John's 2-rail, O-scale Rock Island Lines captures the St. Louis to Kansas City route through the Ozark Mountains of 1948 to 1952. Using an around-the-walls with peninsula Walk-in with duckunder design, the layout has a 170-foot, single-track mainline that regularly runs 35-car freight...
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Dundon on Phil Bonzon's Baltimore & Ohio

Modeling From the Prototype – the Buffalo Creek & Gauley

Welcome to hills and hollers of West Virginia and the 1950s on the B&O and Buffalo Creek & Gauley....
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Don Taschner's HO and HOn3 Scenic Model Railroad

Don Taschner’s HO and HOn3 Scenic Model Railroad

Don's 1950s transition era HO/HOn3 8’x22’ layout features great award-winning scratchbuilt and kit based structures, wonderful running equipment, and dual gauge trackage. The layout has a 130-foot double track standard gauge mainline for steam and diesel operations with an eight track...
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